The store has reopened after renovation.

The store has reopened after renovation.

The actual store of tezomeya, which had been closed for a while due to relocation, opened today, August 11 (Thu.) for the first time in about two months.

The entrance to the workshop faces the street. On store opening days, we put up a sign.
The work space of the workshop is at the far left as you enter.
This is the dyeing space of the workshop.
Back towards the entrance, there is a passageway on the right.
When you go down the passageway and pass through the tsuboniwa garden in the back…
There is a store that just opened today!
No need to take off your shoes.
You can see our products in our store.

We think the new store is a good space. We hope you will all come and visit us!

Please note that the operating days of the workshop and the store are not necessarily linked, and the store is closed irregularly. Please refer to the “Business Day Calendar” at the bottom of the homepage for business days.

Please continue to support tezomeya as we enter our 21st year!

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