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Pop-up Store at Nagoya Takashimaya

Pop-up Store at Nagoya Takashimaya

JR Nagoya Takashimaya “Great Kyoto Exhibition”

date and time

May 10 th (Wednesday) 2017 – 16 (Tue) 10 o’clock – 20 o’clock


JR Nagoya Takashimaya 10th Floor Place
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tezomeya is an event debut in Nagoya!
We also honored to thank you for the great Kyoto exhibition of Mr. Nagoya Takashimaya who is the biggest product exhibition in Japan.

Each event of eating and drinking, crafts, dyeing and weaving is an event that one of the long-established stores representing Kyoto gathers together.
It is feeling somewhat disagreeable rather than being honored to be included in a name brand or a group of shops, but I will try hard not to inconvenience you!

This time there are number staff and 2 staff members resident. The owner is an answering machine in Kyoto.
We will bring a lot of new items such as Japanese paper mixed balloon pants, diaper patterns and seasonal Japanese paper stalls.
Besides tezomeya, there are a lot of fun, interesting and wonderful long-established stores.

Everyone in Nagoya, we are waiting for you to come visit us!

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