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Natural colors and plants

Natural colors and plants

All of the colors of the plants are all beautiful

I do not think that it is · · ·. Unfortunately.
The plants that we normally use for dyeing are not living to have human being dyed a beautiful color. First of all, I run “life activities” in order to make them live, and to connect their lives to their alter ego even if they die.

They make a lot of the substances necessary for that, and it happens that there is a “pigment” which becomes the origin of color in it.
And, there are times when it seems that the formulation of the pigment looks so beautiful as to be surprised.

I think so.
I think that everything “happens”.

However, it is very difficult to steadily draw out this “happy” thing well.
Because, because it is “anyway” by chance.

An important one of the things that is careful for that is “compatibility between plants to be dyed and dyed materials”.

In fact, if it is a plant, anything has a color. However, it just happens as before as to whether or not that color will be “good eyelid” for us.
And, from the very beginning, many dyed teachers keep searching for “good” color by chance.

Therefore, all the plants used by tezomeya are those chosen by the gifts of the predecessor’s efforts.

Akane (Akane), Ayako (Binjiro), Ai (Ai), Goshiko (gift), Yagiri Tsukushi, Pomegranate (Pomegranate), Yangmei (Yamamomo), Persimmon juice (Kakishibu) · · ·. It is a vegetation that has been used all traditionally. We appreciate the plant dyes that have been passed down from the ancient times.

And the color of the vegetation greatly depends on the type of material you dyed.
In particular, the bad cotton which is originally dyed will change the color shading and color fusing condition depending on the state of cotton material selected.

Cotton in a state with good dyeing (kibata) in general is not on the market. Therefore, there is nothing other than asking you to make it. At tezomeya you can weave and knit almost all the materials original in order to get good dyeing cotton.

We made original cotton fabrics and selected dyestuff plants compatible with the cotton grounds and explored and studied the best dyeing process to make the compatible plants and materials more tied together While doing dyeing work.

There is somewhat dull, and deep ogle. tezomeya I like colors that appear as good colors to the eyes of many people as you like.
So that you can enjoy the colors of cute, gentle and pleasing vegetation with you all.

While always thinking about such things, I am considering colors and plants.


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