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Natural colors, complicated and mute-warm

Natural colors, complicated and mute-warm

Natural dyes are comprised of tree bark, wood, grass, roots, flower petals, and even insects. The colors are warm, sweet, and soft. These neutral colors from these dyes are completely different from primary colors. Let’s explore further…

Colors are extracted by boiling plants; the resulting dye is actually the plant producing matter. People of ancient times discovered this matter and used it to dye natural beautiful colors. Since then people began to harvest these plants and used various ways to extract dyes… natural dyeing was born.

Plants contain many varieties of pigments. A single plant contains many different pigments; therefore, the colors are very complicated. Complicated variations of these pigments culminate to make different colors.

The resulting colors derived from plants are very “comfortable” colors. During the process of making these colors, there are several adjustments (such as the amount of water, or temperature) and dye combinations we can make to achieve the colors we enjoy. At Tezomeya we call these colors “Complicated Mute-Warm Colors”.

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