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Tyrian purple workshop

Tyrian purple workshop

In the color dyeing with natural dyes there is a color called “shellfish”.
As the name implies, it is purple to dyed with shellfish, but not any shellfish does not stain.

There is a purple stained organ called a purple gland in a very small part of the internal organs of certain conch shells (there are many kinds of Akiki Kai), we can collect only those parts and dye them.

Even at our workshop this internal organs are dyed or done workshops to get it in hand, but it is not a material that is usually distributed, so it can not be done so often, but among the natural dyes it is quite unusual class It is dyed into.

· · · Although the shellfied purple, but since the rare dyestuff comes in relatively stable, I got a request from a dyeing house in Ishikawa Prefecture in Suzuka prefecture to request a workshop together, “Eh, that easy Is it possible to get? “Today the other day I went out because I was pleased.

This time we will report on that.

Nanao station arrived at Ishikawa by a night bus and arrived at a conventional line.
From there, Ochiai Kurenai who is a dyeing artist of Suzu, picked up by “Tsubaki Hime” in common name Saving Fisheries </ to a>.

I saw there, a lot of acacia!

Moreover, it is huge!

Acaricides are shellfish shells, they are shellfish which inhabit the whole country, but they are only natural. Moreover, there seems to be no fisherman who specializes in this, seems to have kept asking for the acaricia on the net of sea cucumber.

This shellfish with acacia, purple glands is the world’s largest. Moreover, it is quite tortoise among its acacia.
I saw it a couple of times, but it was my first time to have so much bigger ones.

Already, the tension agedge is still going to the President Sugihara, president of the Ministry of Fisheries, and I will head to the dismantling work place of shellfish which is the main event of today.

This workshop is a French restaurant. It is dismantling by borrowing the hall of ” Notojima Sansuushi ” close to the northern end of Notojima.

The reason why the French restaurant is the workshop is that everyone except for the purple gland which becomes a dye gets everyone to reward that Mr. Sanssoucy cooked and worked on.

As a result, five people take out all internal organs from over 300 acacia.
Work started!

Tools are hammer and ice pick.
Beer is the fuel of workers. Sorry.

First of all, I drill a hole in a specific place with a hammer and an ice pick.

Then, when you cut off the scallop by putting ice pick in the hole, you can calculate that you can take yourself as a horse afterwards.
This was taught by fish Maister. It was hard to take the internal organs of acacia so far, so I was surprised to learn how to make it so easily. As expected, it is a rice cake shop.

The whole body we took out is this.

There is a purple part in the person under the body shown in the image. But this part is not a purple gland.
Behind this part is the purple gland.

Open yourself with a kitchen knife … here!

It is not purple at all.
The purple glands are yellow while they are in the shell of the shell. This is the yellow pigment in the body of the shell, which changes to purple by striking the sunlight and settles on the fabric.
Actually, this shellfish purple, dyeing mechanism is very similar to indigo dye, but this time I will leave a difficult story.

Just cut around only this yellow part and divide it into parts to be used for dyeing and parts to be eaten.

Everyone work silently and stocks increase rapidly.

This is the stock of the dye part.

This is a cooking stock.

It took about 3 hours to disassemble all the shellfish.

The work of this time is here.
In this way we will stock the dyes and workshops for dyeing work will be done in May.
It is because sunshine is necessary for dyed shellfish as I said a while ago, but the sun will be fine as the sunshine hours are short and the intensity of daylight is not enough on the Noto Peninsula of the current season Purple dyed is an offer until May.

Well, and awaited wait!
Mr. Sangso-san’s Nagatake chef is probably not going to be on the chopping board as much as usual Three dishes that used this acacia.

Rich soup which took firmly the fragrance of the beach of Akanishi
(Sorry No image)

And salad with sweet potatoes

In addition, it is an escargot style which is cooked thoroughly with butter, oil and phone and finished in an oven.

No, no one was outstanding.
Especially the escargot-style dish is surprised. The rich moistness and firm taste of shellfish are perfect for oil and sauce.
Although it is an amateur elegance, none of them saw it as a dish that is drawing out the taste and crispness of acacia long enough.

I had something to eat sushi before, but it is really tasty shellfish.
I wonder why the food will not be circulated as normal.

The last dish of the main dish (which has nothing to do with acanthasis) is already really delicious.
It is a restaurant that is very attentive, as if you were a neighbor if you wanted to go every week. Sanssouci , Thank you very much. It was a treat.

It was such a night of Noto that we are going to taste better like this.

I am looking forward to the workshop in May. Mr. Ochiai, I will do my best for the actual work as well! Thank you for your consideration.

Notojima Sansukei

Too much saving of fish

Hand-smelling shop

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