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Sasabeni, Safflower lipstick

Sasabeni, Safflower lipstick

The other day, I made lipstick for the first time in a while.

This lipstick, safflower which is usually used for dyeing is a material.
In the past it was said that it was “red” as it is, in fact the demand for safflower seems to be higher if it is used as a raw material for lipstick than it is used for dyeing, and the country of ancient Japanese way (now Yamagata prefecture) He seems to have been crowded with this safflower production.

Unfortunately, nowadays there are few people used for lipstick and dyeing, so safflower farmers who have become fewer have made safflowers finely.
It is also picked up at this place, “Only yesterday” on Ghibli.

As this lipstick making, work is on the extension line of safflower dyeing.
Since detailed stories are confusing (or nobody seems to read) it will be omitted, but first we will dye absorbent cotton with safflower.

To this color.

It is pink enough to surprise. A color that can not be thought of as a very natural dye. This eyelid is characteristic of safflower largest.
The dyeing color of plants is complex and there are many gentle eyes, the pink of this safflower is truly intense eyes. I can understand by putting black light in the dark, but fluorescence is also coming out. Well, it is really unusual elegance.

Why do you tell cotton absorbent cotton? (If you talk of confusingly it seems that no one will read it so easily …) I want to completely remove the yellow component in the safflower and make it a pigment of only pink I am from.

The color dyed with absorbent cotton will be removed again as soon as possible. Here is the color water you made.

What is foaming is carbon dioxide which came out because it neutralized by adding citric acid to the alkaline solution used for color removal.
In the past I used ash liquor as alkaline liquid and plum vinegar as citric acid but the same as ingredients. Of course there should have been such bubbles.

Then, it is a nice picture that precipitates only red, and paints inside the container.

It is already reddish red.

However, when it dries it turns to such a green color. .

I do not know why the red pigment will dry out when it is dry.

“When the red pigment gathers densely, it appears to be complementary green”
There is a company that has a plausible explanation such as complementary color, which is a problem on the human side, that the optical reflection characteristic on the dye side suddenly is good, that things change to the wavelength of the complementary color It is impossible to think normally.

I have talked with professors of the university etc specializing in dyeing science etc, but the mechanism is still unknown.

I think that I would like to elucidate this, but I do not have such money and time, so I wonder who is going to research together, I wrote this blog I wonder why )

Well, if you say that such things are OK, it is OK to do that, in short, if you can see a beautiful color it is the best.

This red, green is called “bamboo red”.

It seems that this lipstick was traded at the same value as gold in the weight unit in the Edo era, it seems that a rich husband has already been given a large amount of money to surround the geiko that he wants for, this valuable It is a color that is said to be various, as it is a color to show off, that I’m a rich husband with as thick as I can thickly paint red and make my lip bambooy, is not it?

If I make lots of lipstick of Sasa, will somebody change it with money … (far eyes).

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